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Material Sheet

Building Sand

What is it used for

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Brick Wall


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Grain Size: Fine

Volume: 1 tonne bulk bag covers approximately 0.5 cubic meters

25 kg small bag covers approximately 0.0125 cubic meters


1 tonne (bulk bag)

25 kg (small bag)

Colour: Light yellow to brown

What it’s Made From

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The primary component of building sand, providing strength and durability.


A common mineral in sand that enhances its hardness and resistance to weathering.

Calcium Carbonate

Occurs naturally in some sands, adding to the structural integrity and aiding in binding.

Iron Oxides

These can be present as impurities, giving the sand its characteristic color and contributing to its overall strength and stability.


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Soft Building Sand

Description: Fine-grained sand with a smooth texture. Applications: Used for bricklaying, plastering, and pointing due to its easy workability and smooth finish.


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Technical Specification

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Purchasing Quantities

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Great for small projects, repairs, or when only a small amount of sand is needed. Usually available in 25 kg bags.

Bulk Bags

Larger quantities than individual bags, often sold in bulk bags weighing approximately 850 to 1000 kg. Suitable for medium-sized construction projects.

Loose Loads

Delivered by the tonne, suitable for large construction projects or extensive landscaping needs.

Environmental Impact

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