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Material Sheet
Special Shape Brick

Capping Brick

What is it used for

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Brick Wall


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Length: 280 mm

Width: 140 mm

Height: 95 mm

Volume: 0.00375 m³

Weight: 4.5 kg

What it’s Made From

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The primary material, typically sourced locally, is used for its plasticity and strength after firing.


Essential for shaping and moulding the clay into bricks.


Used to prevent the bricks from sticking to moulds and for creating textured finishes.


These can include materials like manganese, barium, and other colorants to enhance color and durability.


variations icon_edited.jpg

Red Smooth Capping Brick

Description: A traditional red brick with a smooth finish, providing a classic and clean look.

Applications: Ideal for capping garden walls, parapets, and other exposed brickwork to protect against weathering.

Buff Textured Capping Brick

Description: Light yellow to sandy-colored brick with a textured surface for added visual interest.

Applications: Suitable for contemporary buildings, garden walls, and boundary walls to offer a warm and decorative finish.

Blue Engineering Capping Brick

Description: Dark blue brick known for its high strength and low water absorption, with a smooth finish.

Applications: Used in structural applications, retaining walls, and areas requiring robust, weather-resistant capping.


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Technical Specification

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Purchasing Quantities

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Single Units

Ideal for small projects, repairs, or when only a few bricks are required.


Available in smaller quantities than pallets, often sold in bundles of 10, 20, or 50 bricks, suitable for minor projects or additions.


Typically offered in bulk, with each pallet containing around 400 to 500 bricks. Suitable for medium to large construction projects.

Environmental Impact

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