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Brick & Block


Brick / Block Calculator Equations

Wall area Equation

Wall Area=Length×Height

Number of Bricks Equation

Number of Bricks=Brick Area x Wall Area


Brick Area=(Brick Length + Mortar Thickness) × (Brick Height + Mortar Thickness)

Number of Blocks Equation

Number of Blocks=Block Area x Wall Area


Block Area=(Block Length + Mortar Thickness) × (Block Height + Mortar Thickness)

What is a

Brick & Block Calculator

A brick/block calculator is a tool used to estimate the number of bricks or blocks required for a construction project. This type of calculator is essential for anyone planning a building project that involves brick or block construction, such as walls, buildings, or other structures. 

The calculator helps to determine the quantity of materials needed, ensuring that you purchase the right amount of bricks or blocks, which helps to avoid both shortages and excess.

How to use the 

Brick & Block Calculator

Enter Dimensions: Input the length and height of the wall or structure.

Specify Brick/Block Size: Enter the dimensions of the brick or block, including the length, width, and height.

Mortar Joint Thickness: Input the thickness of the mortar joint, which is usually around 10mm for bricks.

Calculate: Click the calculate button to compute the number of bricks or blocks needed.

Review Results: The calculator will display the total number of bricks or blocks required and the area coverage.

Components of a Brick/Block Calculator:

  • Length: The length of the wall or structure in meters or feet.

  • Height: The height of the wall or structure in meters or feet.

  • Brick/Block Size: The dimensions of the brick or block (length, width, and height) in millimeters or inches.

  • Mortar Joint Thickness: The thickness of the mortar joint in millimeters or inches.

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