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Tarmac & Asphalt


Total Area Calculation

Area = Length × Width

Volume Calculation

Volume = Area × Depth 

Weight Calculation

Weight = Volume × Density

Densities Used for Tarmac / Asphalt Types

AC32 Base 40/60 L/S - Density: 2.39 tonnes/m³

AC32 HDM Base 40/60 L/S - Density: 2.42 tonnes/m³

AC20 Binder 40/60 L/S - Density: 2.39 tonnes/m³

AC20 Binder 40/60 H/S - Density: 2.37 tonnes/m³

AC10 Surface Course - Density: 2.35 tonnes/m³

AC60 Dense Limestone - Density: 2.35 tonnes/m³

SMA6 40/60 - Density: 2.44 tonnes/m³

SMA10 40/60 - Density: 2.44 tonnes/m³

HRA 45/10 - Density: 2.49 tonnes/m³

HRA 55/10 - Density: 2.55 tonnes/m³

HRA 35/14 - Density: 2.43 tonnes/m³

HRA 45/6 - Density: 2.5 tonnes/m³

Red Ulticolour - Density: 2.5 tonnes/m³

Drainage Macadam - Density: 2.4 tonnes/m³

Open Graded Surface Course - Density: 2.35 tonnes/m³

Open Graded Binder Course - Density: 2.39 tonnes/m³

What is a

Tarmac & Asphalt Calculator

A tarmac calculator, also known as an asphalt calculator, is a calculator used to estimate the tonnage of tarmac needed for a given paving project. It helps in calculating the volume of tarmac required based on the area to be covered and the desired depth. This ensures accurate material estimates, reducing waste and ensuring the project is completed efficiently.

How to use the 

Tarmac & Asphalt Calculator

Select Tarmac/Asphalt Type: From the dropdown menu, choose the type of tarmac or asphalt you plan to use. Each option in the dropdown represents a different type of tarmac with its respective density.

Enter Area: Input the total area of the surface to be paved in square meters (m²) into the "Area (m²)" input box.

Example: If the area is 50 square meters, you would enter 50

Enter Depth: Input the desired depth of the tarmac layer in meters (m) into the "Depth (m)" input box.

Example: If the depth is 0.1 meters (10 cm), you would enter 0.1.

Calculate: Click the "Calculate" button to compute the required amount of tarmac.

Review Results: The result will be displayed below the button, showing the total volume of tarmac required in cubic meters (m³) and tonnage.

Components of a Tarmac Calculator

Area Measurement

Users input the dimensions of the area to be paved (length and width). The calculator uses these dimensions to determine the total surface area.

Depth Input

Users input the desired depth of the tarmac layer. The depth is used along with the area to calculate the volume of tarmac needed.

Material Selection

The calculator includes options to select different types of tarmac or asphalt, each with specific densities. This allows for more accurate calculations based on the type of material being used.

Volume Calculation

The calculator multiplies the area by the depth to find the volume of tarmac required. The volume is typically presented in cubic meters (m³).

Weight Calculation

The calculator can also convert the volume into weight (tonnage), providing an estimate of how much the tarmac will weigh. This is useful for logistical planning and transportation.

Benefits of Using a Tarmac Calculator


Provides precise estimates of the volume of tarmac needed, helping to avoid over-purchasing or under-purchasing materials.


Helps in budgeting by giving a clear idea of the quantity of tarmac required, which in turn helps in cost estimation.


Saves time and effort in manual calculations.

Easy to use with straightforward inputs and immediate results.

Waste Reduction

Reduces material wastage by ensuring you buy only what is necessary for your project.


Unlike other calculators, our Tarmac/Asphalt Calculator shows you how to work out tarmac tonnage by providing the equations and densities of each type of tarmac.

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