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IOSH Accreditation

IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health) is the world's largest professional health and safety membership organization.

It provides training, resources, and support to safety and health professionals to promote safer and healthier working environments. IOSH sets industry standards, accredits safety and health courses, and offers a platform for professional development and networking.

Additionally, IOSH actively influences policy and raises awareness to improve workplace safety standards globally.

IOSH Accredited Courses:

Sharps Awareness

This Sharps Awareness E-Learning course instructs individuals handling needles and sharps on the safe usage and proper disposal methods to minimize the risk of injury.


Workplace Health and Safety

This online Workplace Health and Safety E-Learning course covers general health and safety issues that apply to a wide range of types of businesses and


Level 1 Food Safety - Manufacturing

Our Level 1 Food Safety - Manufacturing E-Learning course teaches employees comprehensive knowledge to fulfil their Food Safety obligations, mitigating risks of physical and microbiological contamination.


Noise Awareness

The Noise Awareness online course, written in accordance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, details workplace noise dangers, safety concerns, relevant laws, and noise level limits.


Slips, Trips and Falls

This training course on Slips, Trips, and Falls demonstrates effective methods for managing the risks associated with these incidents in your workplace. By implementing these strategies, you can safeguard yourself from accidents and adhere to your workplace's health and safety standards.


Introduction to Personal Safety for Lone Workers

This online course, Introduction to Personal Safety for Lone Workers, serves as an informative guide for individuals working alone within business premises, mobile workers, and those working from home.


Level 1 Food Safety - Retail

Food Handlers and employers are legally obligated to oversee Food Safety, especially for those selling non-immediate consumption items. This Level 1 training is tailored for non-senior staff, covering food preparation, handling, storage, and hygiene standards.


Personal Protective Equipment

This online PPE E-Learning course guides learners in the safe and proper use of PPE and emphasizes the pivotal role of PPE in preventing workplace fatalities, injuries, and diseases.


Working in Confined Spaces

This Working in Confined Spaces course is created to provide learners with an understanding of the legal obligations specified in the Confined Space Regulations 1997.


Level 1 Food Safety - Catering

The Level 1 Food Safety Catering E-Learning course serves as a comprehensive solution for staff induction training, catering to new employees lacking food safety knowledge and those handling low-risk or wrapped food served directly to the consumer.


Manual Handling Awareness

This Manual Handling Training Course covers the principles and methods of safe manual handling. Aligned with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (MHOR), this course serves as a practical guide for overseeing safe and healthy manual handling practices.


Achieving Food Hygiene Rating Level 5

This online Achieving Food Hygiene Rating Level 5 E-Learning course explores the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, scoring, inspector assessment , appeals, E-Coli, and practical advice to optimize your premises' rating.


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