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Alcohol Personal Licence Holder

Alcohol Personal Licence Holder

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90 minutes

The UK alcohol licensing laws govern alcohol sale and consumption, requiring organisations and individuals to obtain a licence from a Licensing Authority. This online Alcohol Personal Licence Holder course covers key licensing laws, emphasizes promoting the four licensing objectives, and explores the three main licence types, including applications, conditions, representations, and reviews.

The course educates on the legal duties of personal licence holders, interactions with Licensing Authorities, objections, fees, and hearings. Additionally, it addresses Temporary Event Notices, mandatory conditions for licensed premises, and delves into age verification issues, applying laws and best practices for children and under 18s.

Lastly, the course outlines alcohol retailing responsibilities, including drinking guidelines and conflict avoidance and reduction.

Who should take this course

This Alcohol Personal Licence Holder course is aimed at anyone working in, or wanting a career in the hospitality industry who wants to open up promotion opportunities or to move into a role that requires a personal licence.

Course Modules

1. Introduction.
2. Premises Licences.
3. Personal Licences and Club Premises Certificates.
4. Dealing With Licensing Authorities.
5. Types of Businesses Selling Alcohol.
6. Representations and Mandatory Conditions.
7. Licensing Authority Powers.
8. Children and Under 18s.
9. Responsibility in Alcohol Retailing.

Accredited by:

The course's coverage of Temporary Event Notices proves valuable for those involved in organizing events with alcohol service. Knowledge about mandatory conditions for licensed premises enhances the responsible management of alcohol-related activities, fostering safer environments.

The course's focus on age verification issues and the application of laws and best practices for children and under 18s addresses critical considerations for anyone working in establishments where age restrictions apply.

The alcohol retailing responsibilities, drinking guidelines, and conflict avoidance strategies provides practical tools for individuals to promote responsible alcohol consumption and manage potential conflicts effectively in their professional roles.

Completing this online course provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate legal complexities, promote responsible alcohol practices, and contribute to safer drinking environments in real-life settings.

Course Advantages


Obtaining a Personal Alcohol Licence is a legal requirement under the Licensing Act 2003 for individuals who wish to sell or authorize the sale of alcohol. This certification ensures that license holders understand the legal responsibilities and obligations associated with alcohol sales, including age restrictions, licensing hours, and handling intoxicated individuals. Holding a Personal Alcohol Licence demonstrates compliance with UK alcohol regulations and contributes to the responsible management and sale of alcohol in licensed premises. It is a critical step for anyone looking to pursue a career in the hospitality industry or manage a venue that sells alcohol.

Additional Course Details

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  • If I fail the course, can I do it again?
    Certainly. If you're unable to pass, there's no need for concern. The assessment can be retaken multiple times at no extra cost. Additionally, you have the option to go over the material again to brush up on your knowledge before attempting the assessment another time.
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Course Reviews

"The course was engaging with good content, modules were also very interactive. Will use again for future courses."

H. Nunns

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